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Kitschen Cafe branding

The ‘Kitschen Cafe’, Basingstoke, has opened its doors. Food “from the heart of the home”…. …They wanted a kitsch corporate ID and loyalty cards, so we were made for each other. I’m especially honoured that they are doing a heart decorated cupcake to match my logo. ‘Like’ it here…

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Powergen Sparky

Created for Powergen, Sparky the dog was part of an interactive recruitment quiz for graduates. The dog ran round a maze and would light up bulbs the more right answers the graduate gave. Light up all the light bulbs and win (Scooby) snacks. Simple but I love him.

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ThoughtWorks Global Conference Publicity

ThoughtWorks Live Continuous Delivery is a 2 day user conference for customers and prospects. It has visibility globally and the graphics have to be tailored to the appropriate territory. Europe, Australia, Sanfrancisco and Chicago.



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Betty Buff Branding and Catalogue


A brand designed to be kitsch and flirty yet wholesome, using only natural ingredients. A full brand development, label design and product catalogue for sensitive skincare range ‘Betty Buff’ including natural scrubs, pamper packs and bath products.

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Homefront Forces Branding and Web

Design for print and web, including branding and characters for the ‘HomeFront Forces’ charity web site. When built, British Armed Forces children will be able to to securely message and share photos with parents while on deployment. See web site in progress built by Plug and Play here.

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Unconventional Thoughts Tee

ThoughtWorks is not your typical company. The describe themselves as ‘custom software experts wholly devoted to the art and science of custom software.’ This T shirt design aims to convey their unconventional thinking.