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Kitschen Cafe branding

The ‘Kitschen Cafe’, Basingstoke, has opened its doors. Food “from the heart of the home”…. …They wanted a kitsch corporate ID and loyalty cards, so we were made for each other. I’m especially honoured that they are doing a heart decorated cupcake to match my logo. ‘Like’ it here…

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BBC Connecting the Story Brochure

BBC World News and have recently completed an extensive global research study into how people consume news content and the multiple screens they use to do so. This is exciting information for BBC Advertisers and potential clients. The brochure ‘leave-behind’ needed to highlight the relationship between the devices and news that is consumed across multiple screens in one day. The chosen solution for  ‘Connecting the Story’  has die cut windows representing a smart phone, a tablet, a laptop and a TV that reveal the key snippet of info on the inside back cover:  3HRS 24MINS are spent on average each weekday by the people surveyed, consuming news.

More info and the PDF download version of the brochure can be found on the BBC Worldwide’s Advertising Research page

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BeBuzz Marketing Web design

Owner and Marketing consultant Andrea offers a wide range of services from full campaign management, design, web and marketing to a just a simple piece of PR. We went for a responsive magazine style layout is that is bright yet corporate and I used the letter B from the corporate identity to form cloud style speech bubbles to sell the wide range of offerings.

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Andark Aquanauts Scuba diving for kids

Andark Aquanauts is a scuba diving programme for kids aged 8 to 12 years, where they can gain ‘foundation course’ in a safe pool with before taking a formal PADI, or BSAC scuba certificate. We wanted to keep the look fun. The basic ‘Aquanaut’ programme has its own tee shirt. Master aquanauts go on Aquamissions and qualify for a special red CADET tee once they have completed the 10 Master Aquanaut sessions. Find out more here.

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ThoughtWorks Global Conference Publicity

ThoughtWorks Live Continuous Delivery is a 2 day user conference for customers and prospects. It has visibility globally and the graphics have to be tailored to the appropriate territory. Europe, Australia, Sanfrancisco and Chicago.



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PR Portfolio

PR Portfolio for the Fire Fighters Charity. The brief was ‘We like your style, do what you think works’. (Truly an enlightened client).

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Betty Buff Branding and Catalogue


A brand designed to be kitsch and flirty yet wholesome, using only natural ingredients. A full brand development, label design and product catalogue for sensitive skincare range ‘Betty Buff’ including natural scrubs, pamper packs and bath products.

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FireFighters Charity Annual Awards Brochure

16 page programme for the Fire fighters Charity annual awards ceremony, held at Wembley. As well as featuring the year’s heroes the programme launch the Charity’s new corporate identity.

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Coca Cola Recruitment Campaigns

While an art director at TMP Worldwide one of my key accounts was Coca Cola.  Here is a selection of press ads aimed at recruiting sales people. Copy lines include: ‘Successful People are always Well Red’ ‘Bigger Vision’ and ‘Bubbly People Wanted’, ‘Iced Lolly’ and ‘Rise to the Top’.  The ‘Bigger Vision’ ad won a RAD (Recruitment Advertising). Award.

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'Working for a Diverse City' Brighton and Hove

Working for a ‘diverse city’, this recruitment campaign promotes the attractive proposition of working for Brighton’s council to a London audience. The campaign comprises a brochure, web site, exhibition stand and a set of press and tube ads and a bespoke montage.

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Viva Web and Identity

Website, publicity material and brand identity for Viva NI. A company specialising in computer generated (CG) imagery for Superyacht Designers.

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Homefront Forces Branding and Web

Design for print and web, including branding and characters for the ‘HomeFront Forces’ charity web site. When built, British Armed Forces children will be able to to securely message and share photos with parents while on deployment. See web site in progress built by Plug and Play here.

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Boe Comedy Posters

A2 posters and flyers for London comedian Boe.  ‘Mark my words’ and ‘Did I Say That Our Loud?’ shows. The Initial inspiration was the 1914 ‘Your country needs YOU’ war recruitment poster mixed in with a bit of graffiti grunge.

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Info Cubed Logo and Website

Info3 Intelligence management solutions for media and marketing. Website and Product Branding.

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Bruce Munro Ads and Web

Web site and press work for inspirational lighting designer Bruce Munro. Each tower is built from 216 illuminated water bottles, which change colour in sync with a musical score. more about the installation