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Travel Illustrations

I always take my iPAD with me on my travels and find it’s magical for drawing anything to do with light. Snow on the mountain, sparkle on the sea and romantic evenings. Coming soon I hope the mysteries of the deep drawn in situ at 20 metres. There’s a complete collection of travel illustrations on Tumblr.

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Diving Ladies

Sketches for an upcoming project. I am hoping to combine two of my passions, drawing on the iPad and scuba diving. There’s an new housing for iPad just launched, designed specifically with scuba divers in mind. The  iDive housing  should mean I can take my iPad on a wreck dive and start sketching. I have the models, the venue, the safety diver and an underwater photographer to record it all on standby. Here’s hoping the housing and the weather come up trumps. More on my News page as it happens. .

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iPad Building sketches

I’ve recently been doing quite a few sketches of buildings. Shown here ‘The London’ and ‘Wooden It Be Lovely’ in Southampton and ‘The Sun Tavern’  in London .  I’ve been using that Paper App (by 53) on my iPad. The moody watercolour washes are ideal to get to get across the facade’s richness and depth of colour.

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Puurrfect Pets

Having 2 cats as my studio ‘interns’ suddenly gave rise to a flurry of furry critter drawings. Happy to draw an aardvark for an ad, a ferret for Facebook, a parrot for packaging or just your own Moggie for the mantlepiece. Get in touch with me via email if you’d like to talk some more.

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Vanguard Thinking the Brand

Vanguard Strategy commissioned me to draw 13 illustrations for their new website. Half of these illustrated their client base in Beverages, Skincare, Automotive, Confectionary, (YUM!) Technology, Pharmaceutical and Financial sectors, the other half were sketchy cartoons illustrating their thinking. The famous brands had to be recognisable without actually advertising an particular logo. I got quite into creative textures such as the (Kenco) coffee granules and the shine on the various mobile devices. My favourite is probably the cosmetics banner.

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Don the Dentist

Mad animation stills from an YouTube ‘infomercial’ illustrated and art directed in collaboration with design agency 3Men and a Suit. Its advertising a business- to-business iPad app for dentists. For now we’ll just call him ‘Don-the-Dentist’.

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Sunsail Illustrations

Comparing the effects and practicalities of sketching with watercolour pastels and pen versus the watercolour effects using Paper on the iPad. I came to the conclusion I like doing both but they have their place. Sand and sea may not mix well with the iPad and working with ink doesn’t go well with a white shirt! A selection of these illustrations were used in Sunsail’s Flotilla brochure.